About Every Week

Every Week Magazine, a popular and innovative magazine, was published from May 3, 1915 until June 29, 1918. Up until now, the magazine could be accessed by scholars and readers only with great difficulty because it has never been microfilmed and is held by only two libraries. Furthermore, because the magazine was printed on low-quality pulp paper, these library copies are in danger of crumbling into a pile of fragments, making the magazine's content inaccessible.

Status of the Project

Two libraries, the New York Public Library and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, hold substantially complete runs of the magazine. The Center for Digital Research in the Humanities bagan work on the edition using magazines collected by Melissa Homestead, constituting about one third of the issues. UW-Madison's bound volumes were long thought lost, but they were found in 2009, and UW-Madison allowed us to scan their pages. However, the UW-Madison volumes had been mutilated by a library patron, who used a razor blade to remove the font and back covers of many issues.

The complete run of Every Week is 166 issues, with the magazine growing from 20 to 24 pages per issue in 1916. All issues have been scanned, with the page images subsequently scanned with optical character recognition software. The text from 74 issues has been encoded according to the standards of the Text Encoding Initiative. The issues currently online include those beginning with the initial publication in May 1915 and those from a three month period surrounding the publication of "A Jury of Her Peers." More issues will be added as they are encoded and missing pages will be added to those issues already encoded as they become available.

Project Staff

Project Director

  • Melissa Homestead

CDRH Staff

  • Karin Dalziel, Digital Resources Designer
  • Stacy Rickel, Programmer
  • Katherine Walter, CDRH Co-Director
  • Laura Weakly, Metadata Encoding Specialist

Graduate Research Assistants

  • Dan Gomes
  • Claire Harlan-Orsi
  • Katie Sisneros

Undergraduate Assistants

  • Katie Heupel
  • Arman Zeljkovic